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Donate to Becker's Latest Initiative Summer of Sass (SoS) which relocates LGBTQ Young Adults to Provincetown Massachusetts to live and work in a safe, queer friendly environment . Click logo for more information 

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Her comedy is delivered in a no-bullshit, call-it-as-I-see-it brio that sounds like the audio equivalent of an “I’m just messing with you” slap on the back. She’s just being herself, and she (with a few exceptions) doesn’t mean any harm.
— M Tedder~TheSpittake.com

 Latest Blog is up about  Mental Health!

Latest Blog is up about Mental Health!

SummerofSass is a wonderful new scheme by Kristen Becker to give troubled #LGBT youth from the Deep South a summer to work and live in #PTown . We caught up with her as the summer draws to an end to see how it all worked out for everyone.