Kristen Becker
Dirty Jokes & Good Deeds

Loosen The Bible Belt

What happens when you put an evangelical minister and a lesbian comedian together in a van? An event for anyone who believes that love and laughter can change the world.

The fight for civil rights is in full force in 2016, with a slew of discriminatory laws rearing their ugly heads in Southern states all over the U.S. People of the LGBT community are the targets in this current culture war, and now is the time for people who believe in equality for everyone to stand on the right side of history. Comedian Kristen Becker (founder, Dykes of Hazard Comedy) and Pastor Jay Bakker (founder, Revolution Church, host of This is Radiocast) believe it’s entirely possible to smooth over the rifts in an ever-increasingly divided society through the use of human elements that never discriminate: love and laughter.


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