Her comedy is delivered in a no-bullshit, call-it-as-I-see-it brio that sounds like the audio equivalent of an “I’m just messing with you” slap on the back. She’s just being herself, and she (with a few exceptions) doesn’t mean any harm.
— M Tedder~TheSpittake.com


Donate to Becker's Latest Initiative Summer of Sass (SoS) which relocates LGBTQ Young Adults to Provincetown Massachusetts to live and work in a safe, queer friendly environment . Click logo for more information 

SummerofSass is a wonderful new scheme by Kristen Becker to give troubled #LGBT youth from the Deep South a summer to work and live in #PTown . We caught up with her as the summer draws to an end to see how it all worked out for everyone.
 Latest Blog is up about  Mental Health! 

Latest Blog is up about Mental Health!